Topbox May 2012: First Impressions Review

On May 25, 2012 by amy

If you’re unfamiliar with, it is essentially one of the (increasingly many) beauty subscription boxes available.  Luckily, this one is geared toward Canadians only and from my research it seems to be one of the best (if not the best) of the ones available to us.

I discovered Topbox through the youtube beauty community when it was introduced before Christmas and finally signed up for myself weeks later.  I guess a lot of people had the same idea because I was put on the waiting list for May.  May?! At least the interim would let me see how others reviewed Topbox.  Was it worth it?  Like so many other box subscriptions, did the quality decrease over time? In my opinion, no.  But what about when I finally could try it for myself?

How Does it Work?

Pay $10 per month, plus taxes, and get a cute/pretty tube of samples delivered to your door each month.  Usually 4 samples are included and often at least 1 of the products are full-sized.

May’s Topbox was super impressive.  I wondered if it would be where I really loved one or two of the samples provided and was “meh” over the others.  But I was genuinely very pleased with each product.

This is the super pretty (and recyclable) packaging.


What about the products included?


Full-size: 15 ml

Retails for: $20

My personal favourite.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love nail polish and I’ve been meaning to try out Deborah Lippmann for awhile.  The colour is Whatever Lola Wants, a nice pale, frosty pink.  I tend to be into more bold shades but this one is more universal I suppose!


Retails for: $25

I’m also excited to try this product, I love brushes and this one feels nice and soft.  I plan on washing it before using it so we’ll see how it holds up.

Sample size: 2 ml

Retails for: $75 (for 15 ml)

I’m not familiar with this brand but I’ve been all about eye creams lately.  I’m trying out some Clinique but I’ll throw this in rotation too.  This product promises to help with dark circles too so we’ll see!

Sample size: 7 ml

Retails for: $39 (for 30 ml)

I like CoverFX but I haven’t tried this type of product from them before.  My current go to face primer is Hard Candy’s, which I do like, but CoverFX’s one promises anti shine and to help with acne which is interesting.  I have the exact opposite of shine so that won’t do much for me, but if it could help with evening skin tone, I’m curious to find out!

Also included was a coupon for a free Deborah Lippmann nail file if you bring it to a Holt Renfrew store before June 15.  Unfortunately there is no Holt’s in my province, oh well!


For a first box I was very impressed at what was included.  I highly recommend trying out Topbox  if you’re a Canadian and interested in trying out some cool beauty brands!


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