Topbox June 2012: First Impressions Review

On June 20, 2012 by amy

So what’s in the box for this month?

You first notice the bonus card.  That’s pretty neat, we get a couple extra drugstore samples.  Sounds good to me.

Starting with the bonuses:

I’ve tried this already and used it.  For me an eye makeup remover has to be non-stingy!   Let’s just say…I’ve had a few bad experiences with some removers in my time.  I’m a big fan of these liquid eye makeup removers and this one did the job. (And didn’t sting!) I bought several Simple products when I lived in London and liked them a lot, hopefully I’ll see their products in my local drugstores soon.

I’ve tried a sample of this recently when it was included in my Elle magazine.  I like it well enough though I’m a bit picky when it comes to foundation-type products.  I’ll use these samples for sure but as for purchasing a full sized product?  Probably not.  We’ll see though, Topbox was generous enough to include 3 packets (I stretched 1 packet out to 2 or 3 uses), so I’ll be able to test it out more.

Full-size: 1.5 g

Retails for: $12

This is supposedly a personalized shade (mine was Bella).  I haven’t seen many other reviews this month yet but I’m curious as to what colour was included in others’ boxes!  I’ve tried this product and I really like it.  It looks dark in the swatch and on first application but it sheers out to a paler pink on my lips and it’s very pretty.  I like the applicator brush too.  I have read a few reviews on this gloss that say that this product is drying (it’s slightly minty, like a plumping gloss, which is why I think it’s drying for some) but I have to say I haven’t encountered this issue personally.


Full-size: 10 ml

Retails for: $15

I love shimmer.  I love eyeshadow.  So a shimmery eye-shadow primer?  Awesome.  I wore this out today and over 8 hours later, my eyeshadow is in place and so is the sheen from the primer.  Nice!

Sample-size: 5 ml

Retails for: $49 (for 45 ml)

My little card that came with the package said this product was a replacement for another so I had to hunt down information on what this was.  Though pretty clearly from the name you can see it’s essentially a BB (Beauty Balm) cream.  Duh, Amy.  This morning I put it under makeup and was pretty impressed right away with how it evened out my complexion.  Though my makeup did eventually start to disappear after several hours, I have to say it was really hot here today so I might have that to blame!  I’ll keep trying this out, maybe wearing it on its own, to see more on what it’s like.

Sample-size: 3.5 ml

Retails for: $29 (for 7 ml)

Again, I tried this today already!  I really liked the formulation of this, a lot.  It’s definitely not clumpy or thick and I like the smaller wand (I wonder, does the big size have a wand like this or is it because it’s a sample?  Hmm).  While it applied nicely, it didn’t really curl much.  I want to try this after using an eyelash curler to see if the results are better.

Seeing as I’ve tried and liked many of the products already says a lot.  What I appreciate about Topbox is the emphasis on makeup.  For me, and a lot of others too I think, when you get skincare samples they might be really awesome but it’s tricky to incorporate into your routine – much harder than makeup.  It was no trouble for me to use a different eye makeup remover, or primer, or lipgloss or mascara today.  It was super easy to test out the new makeup products in this month’s Topbox.  My only complaint is how looooong it takes me to get the boxes (I know I’m in NL but still!) – I’m pretty sure I’m one of the last and frankly, that sucks.  But overall, I was pleased this month!  Looking forward to July’s. :)

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