New Glasses!

On July 14, 2012 by amy

I came across a sitewide sale on last Sunday and basically bit the bullet because it was so cheap.  When I found out new customers get one pair of free frames, I accidentally ;) ended up with two pairs.  My second, free pair I affectionately dub them my “hipster” glasses and didn’t even bother getting any lens coatings on them.

They’re on the bottom.  I don’t know if they suit me, but at home, I find myself reaching for them a lot?  I don’t know.

They came within 2 days, which is amazing considering where I live and how long packages usually take to get to me.

I don’t really need glasses for many things, and certainly not for full time wear so I was super concerned when I first tried them both on.  I thought I’d been scammed because unlike my old glasses,  they were so clear so I thought they were plastic.  Then I tried reading off a lotion bottle…fuzzy without glasses, perfect with them on.  I get it!  It’s like those cliche jokes about not realizing what is “off” with your vision until you get some prescription specs (or in my case, a current prescription.  Oop.  PSA: Don’t wait 7 years before you get your eyes checked again).

So far so good for a total of $74.05.  Plus the return policy is generous.  And thinking of my old glasses with their weirdly cloudy lenses and outdated prescription?  These are really great I have to say.

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