Topbox July 2012: First Impressions

On July 18, 2012 by amy

July Topbox!

We got to take a survey last month, where we were given some choice of nail polish items for July’s topbox.  So I figured I’d be getting a China Glaze polish (my fave!) and we had a choice between a neutral or a neon.  Not really a surprise which I picked:

Full-size: 14 ml

Retails for: $10-12 (according to Topbox, in reality I get it for $6 at Chatters or Sally’s)

The colour is Pink Voltage and it’s amazing.  It’s on my toes right now and I’m pretty sure it’s so bright, my feet will glow in the dark.  The tricky thing with neons though, just a warning, is that they dry matte.  Which can be a cool look but it tends to chip.  So adding a top coat makes it nice and glossy but you have to work fast.  This is definitely my fave product of all of them this month.

Sample-size: 20 ml

Retails for: $25.25 (for 50 ml)

I don’t know this brand, apparently it is Canadian though.  This mask looks good actually but I have yet to try it.

Sample-size: 4 ml

Retails for: $80 (for 50 ml)

I’m not a huge fan of high end creams.  I suffer from eczema and am really wary about putting stuff on my face right now and am basically just sticking with simple, natural face creams right now.  This looks interesting and maybe I’ll give it a try but something about the wee packets like this is a bit of a turn off, just reminds me of stuff I can get for free from Sephora or even Sears.  Even had it been in a tiny bottle, it would have changed my perception completely.

When I saw this, along with the $100  “gift certificate” towards hair styling tools,  my fave contorted into something really unpleasant.  I’ve read the issues people had with crappier, not-to-be-named  subscription beauty boxes with this brand (at least I think it was the same brand, it can’t be a coincidence).  The problem was that it is basically a coupon since you have to spend money to get anything (because the items cost over $100 as is).  Plus I hear the brands of flat irons/dryers/etc they sell you can find at Winners for super cheap.  So meh.  That’s not a turn off enough to not use the shampoo, but it made me take a disappointing pause at Topbox, I gotta admit.

One thing that bothers me is the tracking with Topbox.  I guess Canada Post is to blame with that, but every month so far, I’ve received my box (tube) later than the expected date which is annoying.  Also, because I’m on the east coast, I get the very last topbox, pretty much.  It’s cool that Topbox asks everyone to not release “spoilers” of the box contents before a certain date each month…but that’s still like a week or 2 before I get mine :(  I get unintentionally spoiled each time because Topbox twitter and facebook will ask “how everyone liked _____ this month” and I want to say,  “IDK, it’ll be at least a week or more before I get mine!”

Well the nail polish made me super happy, it’s my favourite brand and I’ve wanted one of their neons.  I didn’t like how they inflated the price though on the info card, and some of the other samples this month didn’t impress me.  All in all, it’s my least favourite box so far.

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