Topbox August 2012: First Impressions

On August 28, 2012 by amy

August Topbox!  A little late this month.

There was another drugstore bonus this month.

I really haven’t researched this month to see if anyone got a different variety of shampoo and conditioner, I’m pretty sure I put on my Topbox profile what my hair type was?  In any case, this is really useful to me…and not only that, they are GENEROUSLY sized bottles as well.

Sample-size: 10ml

Retails for: $75 (for 50ml)

I’m not aware of this brand but this product seems great, and once my current benzyl peroxide product runs out, I’ll be trying this.


Retails for: $22

While I’d generally prefer to pick out and buy quality brushes for myself, this one isn’t half bad.  It’s soft enough and I can use it as a backup at the very least!

Sample-size: 1 wipe

Retails for: $12 (for 15 wipes)

Any type of wipes are good to have on hand.  I typically have baby wipes around (so much cheaper and just as good as those ‘personal wipes’ that they’ve been selling), so I’m not sure what benefit this could give that would make the price worth it but we’ll see!  Though, they are paraben free.  I’ve been trying to cut out products that have parabens/SLS etc in them to help out my skin, so points for Pink Wipes for that.

Chloé sample-size: 30ml

Retails for: $60 (for 200ml)

Dot sample-size: 4ml

Retails for: $105 (for 100ml)

I’m not really a perfume person.  Not a “real” perfume person anyway.  Give me etailer scents that are fruity or vanilla-ey etc and I’m fine, because they don’t have that perfume scent.  You know, that basic alcoholy smell?  Just me?  Anyway, that said, these are SUPER adorable!  Just look at those bottles!  Of the two, I prefer the Chloé one.


I liked this month.  All products included are ones that I have or will certainly try and that makes it worth it to me.  If there comes a day where it doesn’t become worth it, I’ll cancel, but until then….

Also, I received a notice from Topbox saying that starting in the fall, they’re including at least 1 makeup sample per box.  I think that’s awesome, as makeup is by far my fave items to get.

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